The Company


We are a family owned and operated business and have been doing business since 1972. Rich's Machinery's founders were C.E. Richardson and his son Terre Richardson. They both ran and operated the business until C.E.'s death in 1982. Rich's Machinery originally started out as a seller of machine tools. We would refurbish machine tools and then either sell the machinery or lease it out to our customers. In 1982 after C.E. passed away and the oil down turn hit Texas Rich's Machinery was forced to put the machines they had previously been selling and leasing to work, and that is how the machine shop started. At this point Terre Richardson became the sole owner in the business, and with the help of a couple key people made Rich's Machinery into what it is today. In 2002 Terre's two sons Seane and Steven entered into the business learning what was necessary to one day run and operate the business. In 2012 Terre Richardson sold the business to Seane & Steven which are now the 3rd generation owners.


Rich's Machinery offers a wide variety of services. We can produce anything from production runs of parts to repair work, as far as welding up and re-machining if necessary. We can handle long runs of parts to the guy who needs one part. We have a full line of both CNC and Manual machines and their capabilities can be seen by simply downloading our capabilities list. We also offer welding and fabrication we can weld all types of metal including stainless and aluminum. We offer all types of welding mig, tig, stick, and heli-arc, and have some of the best fitter welders in the business.


Rich's Machinery sits on 10 acres of cleared property and has 5 main buildings consisting of approx 35,000 sq ft. Four of our buildings are geared for machining, fabrication, and welding. One more building is primarily used for shipping, receiving and assembly of parts. Our offices consist of approximately 1500 sq ft and are fully equipped with state of the art computers and software for accounting, inventory, bidding, drawing, and scheduling of work.